Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Solelia’s ‘Solbank’ is exactly what it sounds like: a bank for solar energy. Every kWh produced in a connected solar installation is deposited into the owner’s solar account and can then be used at any time – even when the sun is not shining. This can be used by people who own an electric vehicle or companies who wish to offer solar charging services to customers.

Solelia Greentech offers solutions for charging electric vehicles with clean solar electricity around the clock, with the Solbank system.

Carolina JohanssonCo-Founder and CEO, Solelia Greentech

Using ‘guarantees of origin’ from the grid operator, Solelia can confirm that all electricity used to charge EVs comes from solar sources, and smart energy meters at the charging stations can communicate regularly with the Solbank, allowing close to real-time information of when and where solar power is produced and used. This in turn gives the opportunity to optimize the use of solar power.

Why you should care

Transportation accounts for over around half of global oil consumption, and this share will increase if the number of passenger cars doubles as predicted by the IEA. Replacing gasoline cars with electric cars is not as environmentally friendly if they are driven on fossil fuel-derived electricity. WWF estimates that Solelia’s solar-powered charging can save 21 million tons of CO2 emissions per year by 2022.

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