Platform for Leasing Bikes, Surfboards and Skiis

By enabling users to rent out bicycles and other sports equipment via an easy-to-use web platform or app, Spinlister utilizes existing resources to capitalize on an ever-growing desire for access over ownership. In cities around the world, bicycles sit unused on a daily basis, while other residents and tourists are looking for convenient two-wheeled transport. Spinlister fills this gap by encouraging bike owners everywhere to list their rides, in order to maximize the use of their assets by making money from them when they are not using them. Likewise, surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, snowboards and skiis also go unused for extended periods, and Spinlister makes it possible to rent these out to residents and tourists wanting to try out new experiences.

The platform includes a rating system for users and renters. The company also covers liability risks, by insuring all bikes and equipment against theft or damage. Spinlister’s goal is to expand to a point where users can access a bike whenever needed, wherever they are, at an affordable price. In 2016, Spinlister expanded their platform to include bike shops and bike rental companies through their Bike Shop Partner Program.

Why you should care

While the desire for bicycle transport is booming around the world, and cities are developing bike-friendly infrastructure, private cars are still the preferred mode of transportation for the majority of people. Many people, however, own bicycles but do not fully utilize them. Spinlister helps to make peer-to-peer bicycle sharing an easier, more convenient, and profitable alternative.

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